The brand new Synchroprint 5000 machine


A personal letter from Mr. Thomas Fröhlich, general manager of MHM, about the brand new screen printing machine SP5000.

Dear customer,

I am writing you as a valued MHM customer and past/present user of our Synchroprint 3000/4000 machines. As you are no doubt aware, the Synchroprint 3000/4000 has been recognised all over the world as the absolute best printing machine available and I sincerely hope it has met and exceeded all your expectations.

You might ask “How do you make the best machine even better”?

Let me introduce you to the brand new Synchroprint 5000 machine which we released at the beginning of 2016…

Our goal was to future-proof our machines to ensure greater compatibility ready for future technology meaning better and faster internal software communication, faster set-up and more options for the end user.

Mechanically there was not a lot we could improve, but we have installed a stronger lifting cylinder to increase the cycle time resulting in faster production speeds along with a new off-contact system.

The most important items for us has been to create a unique TABLET control system with absolute bullet proof  electronics, almost ZERO down time and superb reliability and  long-life operating.

Not only does the tablet control system allow you to send production data directly to the machine, but it also allows direct communication between the printer and the graphic design department, streamlining efficiencies to a whole new level, not to mention real-time ONLINE technical support.

This new system is giving us many more options and opportunities for the future including remote access to the machine from your smartphone or ipad. The system is completely flexible for the future meaning we are not locked in to any operating system which could potentially become outdated.

The MHM company is now back at the top, with outstanding quality and performance and customer satisfaction worldwide.

We look forward to partnering your future success…

Best regards from Austria,

Mr. Thomas Fröhlich, General Manager

Thomas Fröhlich
General Manager

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