Tesoma Compact Gas Conveyor Dryer

MHM V-LIGHT UV-LED Exposure Unit


V-LIGHT is a high-powered, fast exposing, vertical freestanding UV-LED Exposure unit that works in tandem with the SPYDER II Direct to Screen system to maximise screen room production.

Fitted with powerful and reliable UV-LED’s laid out on a full panel array to provide a focused, even spread of UV light across the screen, the LED’s have been specifically selected to provide the ideal wavelength to work with any type of screen Emulsion.

V-LIGHT exposure times typically range from 10 seconds for Pure Photopolymer emulsions to about a minute for slow curing Diazo emulsions. 

V-LIGHT and the SPYDER II are the ultimate combination for maximising efficiency throughout the busiest of screen rooms with the ability to produce up to 50 screens per hour.




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