Tesoma Compact Gas Conveyor Dryer

Tesoma Continuous Conveyor Dryer COMPACT series

The German made COMPACT series is ideal for medium-volume screen printers and DTG/Digital printers looking for the very best solution the industry has to offer.

The COMPACT dryers are suitable for drying plastisols, water-based and solvent-based inks as well as digital printing inks.

The COMPACT dryers dries textiles or textile products with hot air and / or with infrared and can be operated with gas (natural or liquid gas) or electrically. A high circulation hot air volume ensures optimum drying results.

With a production capacity of up to 1000 garments per hour, the Compact demonstrates the build quality and innovation that we have come to expect from German manufacturing.

Precise regulators provide total control over time and temperature with the belt speed/process time constantly displayed allowing you to accurately monitor your production. Effective heat insulation ensures energy loss is kept to a minimum.

With over one million units installed across many applications, this highly efficient Weishaupt Burner System is present on every continent with support available from over 1,000 service centres worldwide.


The COMPACT series


2,900 mm heating zone


3,900 mm heating zone


5,900 mm heating zone


7,900 mm heating zone

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