Tesoma DRYLIGHT continuous conveyor dryer

Tesoma DRYLIGHT Conveyor Dryer


The German made DRYLIGHT is ideal for high volume Screen printers and high volume DTG/Digital Printers looking for the very best solution the industry has to offer.

Suitable for drying plastisol, water-based, DTG and discharge inks, this gas heated conveyor dryer offers digital combustion technology and ultra-low emissions.

In recent tests, the gas consumption of the DRYLIGHT was amongst the lowest of any dryer in the industry which is directly reflected in the running costs, making this the most efficient dryer you can buy. The low carbon footprint also makes it a sensible and environmentally responsible choice.

Easy-to-lift hinged hoods provide essential access for cleaning and lint removal, protecting garments from contamination and greatly enhancing safety. Highly effective insulation ensures heat loss is reduced to a minimum, keeping the exterior skin of the dryer 'cool to touch',

Reliability is ensured by the innovative digital burner manager which constantly maintains the perfect combustion, keeping internal components cleaner for longer.

With over one million units installed across many applications, this highly efficient Weishaupt Burner System is present on every continent with support available from over 1000 service centres worldwide...



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