Tesoma Drylight Gas Conveyor Dryer

Tesoma MINI Conveyor Dryer


The Mini by Tesoma is a German made electrically heated conveyor dryer. The 1.4 metre hot-air oven is ideal for Direct to Garment Printers as well as Screen printers looking for the most efficient drying technology the industry has to offer.

The compact footprint of this dryer fits perfectly into the smaller print-shop, providing efficient curing of digital prints and pre-treatment. This dryer will also cure plastisol, water-based and discharge inks.

Precise regulators provide total control over time and temperature with the process time constantly displayed allowing you to accurately monitor your production. Effective heat insulation ensures energy loss is kept to a minimum.

With minimal installation required, the Mini Electric Conveyor Dryer is a great addition to any growing business, offering optimal drying results along with superb performance and reliability...



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