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Time is money! We all know that. But saving time is an skill few people master.

The new MHM Benefit Calculator points out where the potential of saving time has not yet been used.

Test now and save money: Please enter all important data for your textile screenprint on an average working day in the fields provided.

  Your current parameters MHM Version Your Benefit
Your setup time
Your setup time per day
Your actually day output
Your production per hour
Your design changes per day
Your daily production hours
Your working days per week
Your working weeks
Your selling price per print
Option with MHM Carbon Flash Cure
Your setup time total per day
Your max. Flash Cure time
Number of Flash Cure in use
Your price per kw/h
  Your current parameters MHM Version The money you make
Earning per day
Earning per week
Earning per year

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