iQ Oval iDS / compact


iQ Oval machines are modular and may be configured for almost any production requirement and offer ‘future proof’ expandability at a fraction of the cost of replacing an existing press which your business has outgrown. As your production requirements grow, simply add additional stations and colours to your current configuration (up to a maximum of 60 stations), increasing your production capability for maximum flexibility with the minimum of fuss. The unique and highly innovative iDS intelligent drive system, gives the iQ-Oval more versatility than any other current production system.

With no heavy chains or belts and no huge drive motor or gearbox to drive the pallet arms, the iDS intelligent drive system offers super smooth and accurate high speed movement in either direction with single, double and triple index facility. Operator safety is also greatly increased due to the iQ-Ovals unique iDS drive motors, which will stop immediately when sensing the slightest obstruction, eliminating the need for security barriers and making this an incredibly safe and easy machine to operate.


Features and Benefits

Tablet main control unit with WIFI connectivity

Innovative and user friendly m-touch pro tablet/pad style main command unit provides simple ‘finger-tip’ controls for all operator functions and has full WIFI capability for instant and real-time technical support, no matter where you are located in the world.

Self-diagnostic operating system

Instant technical support via internet

Online software updates

Print job memory storage via main control unit

Revolutionary intelligent index drive system

Revolutionary ‘iDS’ Intelligent Drive System – The unique and highly innovative single independent drive concept (patent pending) gives all iQ-Oval presses more versatility than any other production system. With no heavy chain or huge motor and gearbox to connect and drive the pallet arms and therefore no registration problems when the chain stretches, iQ-Oval presses offer super-smooth, accurate high speed indexing in either direction.

Variable speed indexing (multi-directional)

Print start/finish and sample modes

Production/batch counter

Skip/miss-loaded shirt button

‘Skip-shirt’ feature allows the operator to avoid printing on empty pallets or improperly loaded garments.

Pre-heat pallets function

Powerful AC electric drive print heads

AC variable frequency driven print heads deliver smooth and consistent print strokes at all speeds and pressures for superior image quality and precise repeatability.

Control keypad on every print station

Digital Control keypads on every station with all main printing functions.

Individual 'chopper' squeegee system

Quick release squeegees & floodbars

With single button for super fast changeover - no clamps.

Squeegee arm lift for increased visibility

All squeegee/print arms lift to provide a clear and un-obstructed view of the image during setup and ink refill.

Independent flood/print speed controls

Tool-free front/rear stroke length adjustment

Tools-free stroke length adjustment for instant adjustmant both front and rear - without wires

Independent squeegee/floodbar angle adjustment

Squeegee pressure regulator on every station

MHM 'pin-lock' screen holding system

MHM pre-registration system for extremely fast setup times.

Adjustable screen holders for various frame sizes*

With unique automatic screen clamping system for quick job changeovers and micro-registration for precise positioning of the screens (compatible with all frame types including retensionable roller frames).

Individual screen lift (only screens in use move)

Individual off-contact adjustment on all stations

Individual front and rear off-contact adjustment on every station, tools-free with calibration indicators.

Full micro-registration with zero starting position

Aluminium honeycomb pallets

Push button super-fast pallet changeover

pallets are locked and unlocked automatically by the touch of a button.

Flash cure adjustments from main control unit

Foot pedal with start/stop/hold functions

Wireless safety system

The absence of any chain / belt drive and no huge drive motor and gearbox means greatly reduced potential of danger. The single iDS intelligent drive motors will stop immediately upon sensing the slightest resistance, making this an incredibly safe machine to operate.

Because no safety bars or fence is needed the loading and unloading area is completely barrier-free.

Laser positioning guides - optional

U-clamp screen holders with pneumatic lock

Two job mode (print two jobs simultaneously) - optional

High-lift for individual print heads

To create single or multiple load/unload stations at any position or adding additional equipment (e.g. flash cure or flocking units on a trolley).

Power outlets (built-in) for flash / flock / foil - optional

*All MHM machines are compatible with both standard and re-tensionable roller frames.



Q-Oval 45 x 55 cm 50 x 70 cm 70 x 100 cm 80 x 110 cm
Number of pallets up to 60
Max. number of print stations up to 29
Max. print area (cm / inch) 45 x 55 cm / 17.7 x 21.7" 50 x 70 cm / 19.7 x 27.6" 70 x 100 cm / 27.6 x 39.4" 80 x 110 cm / 31.5 x 43.3"
Width of machine (cm / inch) 370 cm / 145.7" 400 cm / 157.5" 420 cm / 165.4" 440 cm / 173.2"
Length of basic element (cm / inch) 640 cm / 252" 730 cm / 287.4" 790 cm / 311" 810 cm / 318.9"
Length of 2-step-section (cm / inch) 190 cm / 74.8" 260 cm / 102.4"
Length of 3-step-section (cm / inch) 285 cm / 112.2" 390 cm / 153.5"
Weight of basic element (kg / lbs) 1190 / 2620 1345 / 2970 1390 / 3060 1420 / 3130
Weight of 2-step-section (kg / lbs) 500 / 1100 595 / 1300 615 / 1360 630 / 1390
Weight of 3-step-section (kg / lbs) 750 / 1650 890 / 1960 920 / 2030 940 / 2070
Weight of station (kg / lbs) 90 / 198.5 100 / 220.5 100 / 220.5 110 / 242.5
Air consumption per printstation (l/min) 30 (1.06 cfm)
Air consumption per table (l/min) 15 (0.53 cfm)
Air pressure (minimum) 8 bar / 116 psi (filtered, dry air supply only according to standard ISO 8573-1:2010 [2:4:2])
Drive System iDS intelligent drive system (individual drive on every pallet arm)
Electrical supply 3 x 210 / 400 V,   50 / 60Hz (+/-5%)
Electrical requirement (per print station) 0.4 kW / 0.6 kW (manual / automatic)
Electrical requirement (per pallet) 0.11 kW
Registration accuracy (mm / inch) +/- 0.02 mm / +/-0.00079"
Rec. frame profile (cm / inch) 4 x 4 cm / 1.57 x 1.57"
Max. frame size (cm / inch) 66 x 100 cm / 26 x 39.4" 105 x 115 cm / 41.3 x 45.2" 105 x 144 cm / 41.3 x 56.7" 105 x 154 cm / 41.3 x 60.6"
Max. production capacity (pieces/h) 1200 - 1800 (according to model / 2 job mode)


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