Video - Best of MHM


We proudly present our brand new Video - BEST OF MHM - MHMs SUPERB FEATURES

1. Lifting squeegee arm for easy set up, cleaning and ink re-fill
2. tool-free Adjustment of squeegee/Flood bar angle
3. tool-free front/rear stroke length Adjustment
4. MHM "pin-lock" screen holding System
5. individual off-contact Adjustment on all stations
6. push button super-fast pallet changeover
7. full micro-registration with zero starting Position
8. high-lift stations for more flexibility
9. Multi functional touch screen control
10. Hybrid control: stay operational even without tablet
11. every print Station has its own Registration pin - 100 % Registration accuracy is provided
12. Revolutionary intelligent drive System (IDs) on the iQ-Oval
13. true online support & Software updates via WIFI

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