Interview "We are full of ideas ..."


Interview of the managing directors of Tesoma and MHM. Both gave an update on cooperation within the LFFICIENCY Holding and goals for the future.

"We are full of ideas ..." - Check the interview of the two managing directors Ulrich Loser of Tesoma GmbH and Thomas Fröhlich of Machines Highest Mechatronic GmbH. Both gave an update on cooperation within the LFFICIENCY Holding, the improvements and goals for the future.

Among other things, they talked about the benefits of the joint portfolio („We have to be a full player in the market“ at 0:30) and the benefits for the customers (“support customers in the best way" at 1:10), of the collaboration inside the group (“This will optimize the pricing we will do in the market“ at 1:50), on optimization possibilities ("We give it to our customers, that they have the best machines in this market" at 2:25), the best quality ("We are merging the two best brands" at 2:55), the customers' wishes ("We see already the benefits are coming" at 3:25), the future developments ("We are full of ideas” at 4:00), on the joint optimization of the workflow ("We have the same targets" at  4:55) and on the valuable benefits of good staff ("We have really good employees, we have good engineers and technicians.” at 5:45).

In conclusion, they both say: "We have one clear vision to support the customers and give them the best equipment. [...] The people committing the way we have started. We have a very good feedback. And this is a very good motivation for us to continue that way." Lets do it!

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