MHM - the Textile Printing Equipment Pioneers

Since its founding in 1980, the Austrian based MHM Company has adopted an innovative approach to establish itself as a leading global specialist in Screen Printing Equipment for Textiles. We want you to get even more successful on the market. M-power your business with MHM as your partner in Innovation, Quality and Reliability:



Recognised worldwide as the industry pioneer, our research and development team continually monitors the ever changing demands and needs of our customers, embracing the very latest developments in technology to make our equipment user-friendly and provide you with the highest possible levels of performance.



MHM equipment is produced from only the highest quality materials and components using state of the art CNC and robotic production equipment. This allows us to ensure that the strictest quality control procedures are maintained, ensuring our equipment will provide you with years of trouble-free production.



The MHM name is trusted by screenprinting professionals all over the world and is synonymous with outstanding reliability. Even today, we never lose sight of this key factor which is paramount to both yours and our future business success.


Made in Austria

All MHM equipment is proudly manufactured in Austria and our passionate, dynamic and forward thinking young team is totally committed to delivering only the very best equipment to compliment your business.


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