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The Ultimate choice for professional screen printer!

Synchroprint 5000

Set-up or change multi-colour jobs in 5 minutes or less.

The Synchroprint 5000, renowned for its advanced technology, efficiency, and sophistication, is the ultimate selection for professionals in the field of screenprinting.

Power supply: 3 ph~ 210/400V, 50/60Hz (+/-5%)


MHM has successfully met the challenge of finding a replacement for its world-famous ultra-high-performance press. Introducing the Synchroprint 5000, MHM has taken sophistication to new heights by combining innovative design, advanced technology, and user-friendly features. This press is set to revolutionize the way you perceive carousel screen printing presses.

Building upon the success of the SP3000 and SP4000, the Synchroprint 5000 showcases MHM’s commitment to continuous improvement. With upgraded technology such as tablet control, WIFI integration, and online support, along with industrial standard PCB and state-of-the-art servo technology, the SP5000 completes MHM’s new and modern product lineup. Get ready to experience the future of screen printing with the Synchroprint 5000.

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INDEX PRECISION: +/- 0.02mm / 0.00079” MAX.

REC. FRAME PROFILE: 40x40mm / 1.57′ ‘x 1.57”

Adjustable Index Speed for the screen printing machine allows users to have precise control over the speed at which the machine indexes. This feature ensures optimal printing results by accommodating different printing materials and designs. With the ability to adjust the index speed, operators can fine-tune the machine’s performance to meet specific requirements, such as achieving higher production rates or ensuring accurate registration between colors. Whether it’s a high-speed production run or a complex multi-color design, the adjustable index speed feature empowers users with flexibility and versatility, making the screen printing machine a valuable asset in various industries.

Provide zero deflection and even print coverage over the entire image area. Powerful, precise and smooth AC-Servo indexer with bi-directional movement and single, double and half index modes.

Instant technical support via the internet is a convenient and efficient way to resolve any technical issues you may encounter. With just a few clicks, you can connect with knowledgeable experts who can assist you with troubleshooting, software installations, hardware configurations, and more. 

The main control unit of the printer includes a feature for storing print job memory. This memory storage allows the printer to store and recall previously printed jobs.

Quick release squeegees are an essential tool for anyone looking to achieve clean and streak-free surfaces. These innovative squeegees are designed with convenience in mind, allowing for quick and easy blade changes. With their efficient and versatile design, they are perfect for a wide range of cleaning tasks.


One of the key advantages of quick release squeegees is their ability to save time and effort. Traditional squeegees often require the user to manually detach and reattach the blade, which can be a cumbersome and time-consuming process. However, with quick release squeegees, the blade can be easily removed and replaced with just a simple push of a button or lever. This feature allows for seamless blade changes, enabling users to quickly switch between different cleaning tasks or replace worn-out blades without any hassle.

The independent squeegee/floodbar angle adjustment feature allows for precise control and customization of the angle at which the squeegee or floodbar comes into contact with the printing surface. This adjustment capability enhances print quality by ensuring optimal ink transfer and minimizing the risk of streaks or smudges. By fine-tuning the angle, printers can achieve consistent and accurate results across various substrates and printing conditions. This innovative feature empowers printers to optimize their printing processes, improve efficiency, and deliver exceptional print outputs.

Push button super-fast pallet changeover is a highly efficient and time-saving feature that allows for seamless and rapid transition between different pallets. With just a simple push of a button, the pallet changeover process is expedited, enabling operators to quickly switch between pallets without any hassle or delays. This innovative technology not only enhances productivity but also minimizes downtime, ensuring smooth and uninterrupted operations. The push button super-fast pallet changeover is a game-changer in the industry, revolutionizing the way pallets are handled and providing a seamless experience for operators.

Set-up multi-colour jobs in seconds by simply loading the first screen into the press and driving it to the correct position using the motorised micro-registration. Then press ‘GOTO’ and watch as all the remaining screens drive automatically to the same position, accurate to 0.01mm.  Job re-call system stores the set-up data for an unlimited number of jobs including screen positions, squeegee/flood speeds and flash cure data making repeat production a breeze.

Using vacuum pallets with your single print press can be incredibly beneficial, whether you are using it for DTF (Direct to Film) printing or paper printing. Vacuum pallets provide a secure and stable surface for printing, ensuring precise and accurate results. By creating a vacuum seal between the pallet and the substrate, you can eliminate any movement or shifting during the printing process.


When it comes to DTF printing, vacuum pallets are especially useful. DTF printing involves transferring designs onto a special film, which is then heat pressed onto the garment or substrate. The vacuum pallets hold the film and substrate securely in place, allowing for seamless and high-quality transfers. This ensures that the design is applied evenly and accurately, resulting in vibrant and long-lasting prints.

Similarly, when printing on paper, vacuum pallets offer numerous advantages. They prevent any slippage or misalignment of the paper, ensuring precise registration and alignment of the artwork. This is particularly important for multi-color prints or designs that require intricate details. With vacuum pallets, you can achieve consistent and professional-looking prints every time.

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