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The iQ-Oval CDS textile printing machine offers a perfect blend of flexibility and remarkable economic benefits. It features a belt drive system that is powered by a-synchro  motor.

This well-established drive system ensures maintenance-free operation for many years. With its smooth and precise movement in both directions, the new drive system guarantees excellent long-term registration accuracy.

*Numbers excluding print stations.

Power supply: 3 ph~ 210/400V, 50/60Hz (+/-5%)


iQ-Oval machines offer a modular design that allows for easy customization to suit a wide range of production requirements. This not only provides cost-effective expandability options but also eliminates the need to replace an entire press that may no longer meet your business needs. With the ability to effortlessly add more pallets and colours to your existing configuration, accommodating growing production demands becomes a seamless process.

Additionally, the machine’s two-stage safety system is CE certified, ensuring a high level of safety and compliance.

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INDEX PRECISION: +/- 0.02mm / 0.00079” MAX.

REC. FRAME PROFILE: 40x40mm / 1.57”x 1.57”

Adjustable Index Speed for the screen printing machine allows users to have precise control over the speed at which the machine indexes. This feature ensures optimal printing results by accommodating different printing materials and designs. With the ability to adjust the index speed, operators can fine-tune the machine’s performance to meet specific requirements, such as achieving higher production rates or ensuring accurate registration between colors. Whether it’s a high-speed production run or a complex multi-color design, the adjustable index speed feature empowers users with flexibility and versatility, making the screen printing machine a valuable asset in various industries.

U-clamp screen holders with optional pneumatic lock provide a secure and convenient solution for holding screens in place. These versatile holders are designed to ensure that screens remain in position, even in demanding environments.

You have the ability to operate the screenprinting machine in a dual job mode, allowing you to print two jobs simultaneously. This feature enhances your productivity and efficiency by enabling you to complete more printing tasks in a shorter amount of time. With the dual job mode, you can maximize the utilization of the machine and meet the demands of your customers more effectively. This versatility provides you with greater flexibility in managing your printing operations and allows you to take on larger volumes of work. By harnessing the power of the screenprinting machine's dual job mode, you can optimize your workflow and achieve higher levels of output without compromising on quality.

The screen printing machine is equipped with high-lift stations, which provide enhanced flexibility during the printing process. These high-lift stations allow for easy adjustment of the printing platform, allowing users to accommodate various sizes and types of materials. With this added flexibility, the machine can efficiently handle a wide range of printing projects, making it a versatile tool for any printing business.

These power outlets provide a convenient and efficient way to utilize flash, flock, and foil in the printing process. With the ability to connect these specialized materials directly to the machine, users can effortlessly enhance their prints with stunning effects and unique finishes.

The "No shirt skip sensor" is a revolutionary technology that is designed to detect the absence of a shirt.

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