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MHM Flock Module

The flocking module is specially designed to flock flat and planar workpieces and textiles, making it perfect for integrating with a MHM screenprinting carousel.

Flocking is initiated automatically by a control signal and transmitted through the squeegee arm of the screen printing machine. Once the dosing and high-voltage time have passed, the flocking process is automatically stopped.

The new MHM flocking module is compatible with various types of flock and textiles, and it comes in different sizes to accommodate textiles of any size. The smallest size starts at 130-330 mm and goes up to 1100 mm, with custom constructions available beyond that range.

The flock dosing and high voltage time can be digitally adjusted. Additionally, the flocking module features a pneumatic control to ensure optimal movement of the dosing brush. Integration of the flock box into the printing machine is made possible through a universally applicable holding device, eliminating the need for modifications. When combined with a screen printing carousel, the flocking module enables multi-colour flocking and precise flocking on sharp edges.

MHM Flock Module

Technical Details

  • Dosing Box Flock Area 130 x 330 mm         (5“ x 13“)
  • Pneumatic driven dosing brush
  • Screen 1,0 mm perforation and easy        refill of flock material
  • High voltage 10 - 50 kV infinitely adjustable
  • Digital selection for functions i.e. dosing time etc.
  • External air supply hose for pneumatic functions

Power supply: 110 / 230 V, 50/60 Hz

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