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The Single Print is an incredibly versatile tool that can be used in both the textile and graphic printing industries. It has a wide range of applications, from simple single color graphic printing to applying special coatings on sheets or similar materials. What’s great about this tool is that it can be easily mounted on the wall or equipped with wheels for added flexibility. With the MHM print head system, you can achieve precise printing (DTF or paper) with the optional vacuum pallet on transfer sheets with ease.

Power supply: Power supply: 3 ph~ 210/400V, 50/60Hz (+/-5%)


The MHM Single Print is widely recognized as the ultimate solution for small quantity printing, delivering exceptional quality. This versatile printing system excels not only in the textile industry but also in various graphic applications. Whether you need to handle single color graphic printing jobs or apply special coatings on sheets or similar materials, the Single Print is the ideal choice.

One of the standout features of the MHM Single Print is its flexibility. It can be easily installed on the wall or equipped with wheels for enhanced mobility. This allows for effortless maneuverability and adaptability to different working environments. Whether you prefer a fixed setup or require the ability to move the printing system around, the MHM Single Print offers utmost convenience.

Furthermore, the MHM Single Print is equipped with the highly reliable MHM print head system. This advanced technology ensures precise and accurate printing results, even on transfer sheets. With its exceptional level of accuracy, you can trust that your prints will have a flawless surface finish, meeting the highest standards of quality.

In summary, the MHM Single Print is the perfect solution for small quantity printing needs. Its versatility, convenience, and superior print head system make it the go-to choice for a wide range of graphic applications. Whether you are in the textile industry or

INDEX PRECISION: +/- 0.02mm / 0.00079” MAX.

REC. FRAME PROFILE: 40x40mm / 1.57′ ‘x 1.57”

Electric drive print heads are known for their exceptional power and efficiency. These print heads utilize the latest technology to provide a strong and reliable performance. With their high-powered AC electric drive, they are capable of delivering precise and accurate prints, even in demanding printing environments.

The control keypad on the print station is a crucial component that allows users to navigate and interact with the various functions and settings of the station. It serves as a user-friendly interface, providing easy access to options such as print quality, paper size, and printing speed. With its intuitive design and responsive buttons, the control keypad ensures a seamless printing experience for both novice and experienced users. Whether you need to adjust the settings for a specific print job or troubleshoot any issues that may arise, the control keypad on the print station is your go-to tool for efficient and effective printing.

The individual "chopper" squeegee system is a revolutionary innovation in the field of window cleaning. Unlike traditional squeegees that feature a single blade, this unique system is equipped with multiple blades that work in tandem to provide superior cleaning performance.


Each blade in the "chopper" squeegee system is designed to effectively remove dirt, grime, and streaks from glass surfaces. The blades are made of high-quality materials that ensure durability and long-lasting performance.

With the individual "chopper" squeegee system, you can achieve streak-free and crystal-clear windows with minimal effort. The multiple blades work together to provide a thorough and efficient cleaning experience, leaving your windows looking pristine and spotless.

Quick release squeegees are an essential tool for any cleaning task. These innovative squeegees feature a convenient quick release mechanism that allows for easy blade changing. With their durable construction and ergonomic design, they provide efficient and effective cleaning performance. Whether you’re cleaning windows, shower doors, or any other smooth surface, quick release squeegees are sure to make the job a breeze. Their versatility and ease of use make them a must-have for any cleaning arsenal. So say goodbye to the hassle of traditional squeegees and say hello to the convenience of quick release squeegees!

Aluminium honeycomb pallets are a highly versatile and durable solution for a wide range of industrial applications. These pallets are constructed using a unique honeycomb structure, which consists of layers of aluminum bonded together to form a strong and lightweight panel. This innovative design provides exceptional strength and rigidity, allowing the pallets to withstand heavy loads and harsh environments.

Using vacuum pallets with your single print press can be incredibly beneficial, whether you are using it for DTF (Direct to Film) printing or paper printing. Vacuum pallets provide a secure and stable surface for printing, ensuring precise and accurate results. By creating a vacuum seal between the pallet and the substrate, you can eliminate any movement or shifting during the printing process.


When it comes to DTF printing, vacuum pallets are especially useful. DTF printing involves transferring designs onto a special film, which is then heat pressed onto the garment or substrate. The vacuum pallets hold the film and substrate securely in place, allowing for seamless and high-quality transfers. This ensures that the design is applied evenly and accurately, resulting in vibrant and long-lasting prints.


Similarly, when printing on paper, vacuum pallets offer numerous advantages. They prevent any slippage or misalignment of the paper, ensuring precise registration and alignment of the artwork. This is particularly important for multi-color prints or designs that require intricate details. With vacuum pallets, you can achieve consistent and professional-looking prints every time.

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