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Improve your Print Quality with reduced workload

Screen Making

Imrove your Print Quality with reduced workload

Spyder - Direct to Screen

This unit is perfect for any busy screen room looking to reduce labour, improve print quality and speed-up job turnaround.

This CTS Imaging System simplifies the screen making process by generating high-resolution opaque images directly on to coated screens without the use of traditional film and with no further need for the vacuum hold down or the glass surface on the exposure unit, ‘pin-holes’ and ’touching-in’ will also become a thing of the past.

Fitted with the MHM pin registration system as standard, set-up times are significantly reduced by eliminating the need for the screens to be registered on-press.

Saving of material and time

Efficient and resource-saving method 

Low training effort

High quality results

Considerable reduction of set-up times

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